Finance Lease.
Operate Lease.

Finance Lease

Leasing may be the best way for you to acquire a new DMG MORI machine. We offer a finance lease, with full or partial amortisation, and operating leases. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for each type of contract.

When we propose a lease, we want to give you the best scope for your investment. Couple this with fast, straight-forward financing decisions and DMG MORI Finance should be the ideal partner for the long-term growth of your business.

Using a DMG MORI lease to acquire innovative DMG MORI technology could help you build your competitive edge with improved margins. Use DMG MORI Finance to broaden your business horizons.


Hire-purchase offers a real alternative to leasing, especially if you wish to have the new machine on your balance sheet.

This lets you use your investment reserves and it allows you to exploit grants and subsidies.

Hire-purchase is understood as an installment purchase, the firm intention to acquire an object in a predefined period of time. Right from the start of the contract, you are the commercial owner of the item and DMG MORI Finance is the legal owner. Once you have made all the contract payments, the legal ownership of the item is transferred to you. The length of the contract is negotiable up to 100% of the useful economic life of the item.

Special features of the
DMG MORI Finance

Operate Lease

Use our rental option to respond quickly and increase capacity when your machines are fully used:

As a result, you not only fulfil your customers’ wishes, but also produce significantly more profitably thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

If your order level is generally at a higher level by the planned end of the rental period, a purchase option is of course also available to you at the end of the term.

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